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What is Animal Assisted Therapy (Pet Therapy)

Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), also commonly referred to as Pet Therapy is a modality of therapy where an animal is used to assist the psychologist in working towards a treatment goal. The goal of AAT is to improve a patient’s social, emotional, or cognitive functioning. AAT is a growing industry and is suitable for the treatment of a range of presentations and difficulties, including anxiety, depression, trauma, challenging behaviours and low self esteem to just name a few. Animal Assisted therapy can also be helpful for working with clients who have found standard therapeutic interventions unhelpful or who are resistant to the counselling process.


Meet Kaye (Psychologist) and Byron (Therapy Dog)

Kaye is a Psychologist (Independent Contractor) at Child Aware. Kaye works with all ages including children, adults, adolescents and families. Kaye works with a wide range of presenting concerns and specialises in working with trauma and domestic and family violence. Byron is a King Charles Cavalier, a breed known as a ‘comforter dog’, they are naturally cheerful, sweet and placid companion dogs which are well suited to young children, adults and families.


Byron was selected as a therapy dog due to his strong connection with humans, his calming nature and love for human touch. In session, Byron may simply sit with the client to ease their distress or be utilised to role model therapy goals such as social connections, communication skills, attachment difficulties or learning empathy. AAT can be used to help improve anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem, behavioural problems and relationships. Children and adults with emotional or social problems can relate to animals due to their non-threatening, and non-judgmental approach. 


Byron is trained in pet therapy, dog obedience and agility. Kaye has conducted training in pet-therapy, is a ‘safe-pets-out-there’ facilitator for teaching children animal safety and care and has training in dog emotion and cognition.


When Byron is not working as a therapy dog he enjoys being with his family, joining in with water sports such as kayaking, stand-up-paddle boarding and running on the mudflats looking for fish. Otherwise he loves to simply laze around in the sun with his fur family friends Kira the Beagle dog and cat Zeus.



Kaye uses a wide range other therapies included Trauma-Focussed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Narrative therapy, and Expressive Art therapies. Kaye and Byron work from our Strathpine office.



Sessions are 50 minutes in duration, all costs are advised prior to the initial consultation and vary according to your needs and service. For AAT sessions our fees are $185 per session (see below for rebate information).


You do not require a referral to attend counselling at Child Aware, you can simply call us to arrange an appointment, however to receive a rebate for your service you can access the following (dependent on eligibility);  



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