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Child Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety in Children

As a parent it is natural to protect your child from anything unpleasant, including the feeling of anxiety. Parents have a really important role in the treatment of children’s anxiety, in teaching them how to manage this natural emotion so it does not become overwhelming and impact on their lives too much.


At Child Aware we provide evidence based counselling for children with anxiety, known as cognitive behaviour therapy. When you visit Child Aware to help your child manage their worries, fears or anxieties we will assist you by providing practice at home tasks, including you in sessions and providing handouts and information about how you can help your child. Parents play a key role when it comes to practicing tasks at home and assisting their child to manage their worries in real life and everyday situations.


In addition to individual sessions Child Aware have group programs that assist children to learn how to manage their worries alongside their peers.


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