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Child Aware COVID-19 response 


As of 2 April 2020 


Dear Families,
We hope you are all keeping well - we wanted to provide you with some updates relating to how you can continue to access Child Aware for your appointments. Child Aware is currently still open at both of our locations and we are following the health department guidelines and will continue to monitor them closely. We have sanitising processes to assist:
  1. Wash or sanitise your hands when you arrive at the clinic.
  2. Please observe the social distancing requirements – we have made extra rooms available at both locations to extend our waiting rooms and at our Carina office also have outside space.
  3. Only bring who is necessary to your appointment.
  4. Do not arrive early for your appointment to minimise your time at our clinic.
  5. Do not attend our clinic if you are unwell – we will not be able to provide your appointment if you arrive and are unwell
  6. Do not attend our clinic if you have recently had contact with someone diagnosed or suspected (awaiting the outcome of testing) – in these circumstances we ask that you call the National Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 020 080 which is open 24 hours a day and ask if you are required to self-isolate before attending our service.
We are offering the following appointment options:
Option 1:  In-clinic appointments –
Most of our clients continue to attend in-clinic appointments – we will advise if there are changes to this. Any clients who are vulnerable (e.g. due to health/age/other reasons) we actively encourage you to attend via our telehealth options below. For new clients please download and read and understand this handout on accessing our practice.
Option 2:  Telehealth (video conference) appointments are easy to arrange and attend. Our admin team will be able to send you the link for these appointments – all you need is your smartphone, iPad or computer (laptop or desktop). Talk to your clinician if this will be appropriate for your appointments. If you would like to book call us on 1300 914 318 or email us at  info@childaware.com.au  
Option 3:  Telehealth (telephone) appointments are available for all clinicians. Please talk to your clinician to see if this will be appropriate for your appointments. If you would like to book call us on 1300 914 318 or email us at  info@childaware.com.au 
Most funded programs can be provided in-clinic, via phone, or video conferencing.
  • NDIS Agency Managed, Plan-Managed and Self-Managed
  • Wesley Mission Psychological Therapies
  • FAHSCIA (Helping Children with Autism)
  • Mental Health Care Plans – Note the Government has released new item numbers covering those with Mental Health Care Plans/Treatment Plans, allowing telehealth (previously unavailable) – contact us for more information.
  • Private Health (most) companies have advised that they will be covering telephone and telehealth appointments under relevant item numbers. Please contact your private health to confirm coverage.
We are passionate about supporting our community - If you are experiencing financial distress at this time, please contact us to discuss your personal circumstances and eligibility for low cost and bulk billing counselling. We have expanded our criteria for those who have been stood down, been made redundant, and are accessing government benefits. We are offering this through to September 2020.
Please also note that the Government released Telehealth items allowing GP’s to provide their services via phone and video conference – contact your local GP to see if you are able to see them for your referral needs via this medium. Note, most GP’s are also still providing face to face services also.
Should you require further information regarding COVID-19, please refer to the Commonwealth Department of Health website:
Please note our  cancellation policy is in place to enable us to offer appointments to other clients should you be unable to attend your appointment. If you are unable to attend your appointment please provide us with 24 hours notice otherwise a cancellation fee may apply. You can use Telehealth appointments if unable to attend on a particular week due to illness. Please note the NDIA has adjusted their cancellation policy criteria – please ask if unsure.  
Yours sincerely,
Leza Sullivan and Susie Upton
Directors of  Child Aware

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