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Soft Pack Board Game

Soft Pack Board Game

Price: $ 45.00
Item: AllAboutMeSoft
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All About Me Board Game is designed as a rapport building and assessment tool for use in counselling with children. Suitable for children aged 5- 12 years of age. Allows the counsellor to explore the child's strengths and difficulties, feelings and behaviour and the people in their life. 



This board games comes in a soft pack for easy storage and travel. 


All About Me is designed as a rapport building tool for use in counselling with children. It is designed to gather information and get to know the child in a non threatening and non confrontational way. Three areas are explored in the board game;

1. Strengths and Difficulties

2. Feelings and Behaviour

3. People in the child's life


All About Me is designed for use with children aged 5-12 years of age. This is a fun yet useful way of engaging children in the counselling process. It is the perfect addition to any counsellors toolbox.