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The Smile that went Around the World

The Smile that went Around the World

Price: $ 27.95
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A story for children about smiles being universal and a gift we can share with others.

What if you discovered one day you did something that helped millions of people all over the world and changed their lives? Something so simple that it was recognized and understood by everyone in every country everywhere . . . and all it took was a kind gesture to get it started. Too good to be true? Then it’s time for you to meet The Smile That Went Around the World. What starts out as a simple gift, soon turns into a chain-reaction of smiles and kindness in this heart-warming story about a smile . . . that went around the world. Each smile sparks another, and then another and another and another until one day, the young boy who first sent the smile on its way finds himself feeling sad. Before he knows it, that same special smile appears out of nowhere . . . just when "he" needs it most.